Zuko Kasitadze, known by his artistic name ZUKO KA  is a Georgian artist based in Barcelona.

He is a self-taught Architectural Illustrator & Graphic Designer with a unique and personal style. His wide variety of colors and a very precise level of details create an environment where buildings, monuments, and statues find their home in his creative mind.

 Zuko’s art was exhibited in different parts of the world:

  • Miami’s first NFT exhibition in 2021 by NFT.TIPS
  • Romes’s first NFT exhibition in 2022 by Global Art Exhibition
  • Sharjah’s first NFT exhibition in 2022 by House of Wisdom
He started with Graphic design in 2020, doing small jobs for friends and family and from there with effort, desire and acquiring knowledge he began to find loyal clients with whom he continues to work to this day. 
Follow @Zukoka.projects on Instagram and Twitter


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